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Rajni Patel
Posted on 20 Jan 2017
We are Manufacturers and Suppliers of High Quality Products Like Complete Paper Plant ( Yankee Paper plant for kraft Paper, Paper Plant with Yankee & Dryer for Kraft paper, Plant Twin wire for Multilayer Hi-BF Paper & Paper Board,
Triple wire Plant for Multilayer HI-BF Paper & Paper Board, RF former Plant for Multilayer HI-BF Paper & Paper Board, Combined Paper Plant with Former & Fourdrinier), Paper Machine Equipment ( Pulper with belt Conveyor,JMC Hi Consistency Pulper,High Consistency Pulper (HCP) Gear Box Drive, High Density Cleaner (DC - M Motorized.), (HDC - Non Motorized.), Turbo Separator
Turbo with Extended Cleansing System (TCS), JMC Medium Consistency Screen (MC), Baskets Perforated or Slotted Step Rotor, JMC Low (LC) Consistency Screen, Baskets Perforated or Slotted Foil Rotor, Centricleaners, Stock Chest Agitators (AG), Stock Thickener, De-Inking Cell and PAPER MILL MACHINERY, ..........Interested Buyer Pls. Contact for the same......

Ahmedabad ( Gujarat )

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